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We will buy your car for scrap regardless of whether it is a non-runner, an insurance write-off, damaged, flood damaged or unroadworthy and whatever the make, model, age or condition.

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Scrap My Car Manchester

We will buy your car for scrap regardless of whether it is a non-runner, an insurance write-off, damaged, flood damaged or unroadworthy and whatever the make, model, age or condition.

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Scrap my Car Manchester
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We are only a phone call away but if you prefer then you can fill out your vehicle details on our website and we will get in touch with you almost immediately to provide you a quote.


If you are happy with your quote we offer a free collection service covering the North West area and are always flexible to collect at a time that suits you. Also we don’t charge any admin fees.

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We are a fully registered salvage company and we will provide all the paperwork and information needed to ensure your car is disposed of legally and in an environmentally safe manner so you don’t have to worry about the rest.

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We Are Registered

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Scrap Your Car Manchester with us and get the best price guaranteed today. We accept the following cars for scrap:

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Welcome To Motion Salvage

At Motion Salvage, we make turning your old vehicle into scrap quick and easy. All you have to do is contact us as we service the entire Manchester and North West regions. We’ll give you a quote and even remove that heap from your property so you don’t have to see it anymore. But how will you know when the time is right to scrap that vehicle? We use a set of guidelines.


How To Know When To Scrap My Car Manchester

Regardless of how much TLC you give your car or van, vehicles are not made to last forever. In other words, they are eventually disposable items. Some circumstances speed up when a reliable vehicle becomes no longer safe and reliable. There are several reasons to consider when determining if your car has reached the end of its useful life. They include the following:


The Vehicle No Longer Runs

Let’s face it, when that van or car in your yard has sat in the driveway long enough to seize up, it is now just slowly rusting away. This is the time to scrap it while you still can.


It Needs Far Too Many Repairs

Unless you happen to be a mechanic and you don’t mind the expense of endless parts for repairs that never seem to last, you probably have a junker on your hands. Scrap it quickly.


Fails To Pass MOT

Any vehicle that does not pass MOT is considered a dangerous vehicle. You don’t want to have one of these around if you are reliant on a car or van that runs well. Scrap this one.


No One Wants To Buy It

So you’ve tried to sell this vehicle and after months of advertising it and hanging posters everywhere there has yet to have been any interest. Clearly you have to scrap this car.


You No Longer Need It

Maybe you have upgraded to a newer vehicle and this one just doesn’t do the job for you anymore. Rather than pass the problem to someone else to pay for, scrap it for cash now.


It Costs Too Much To Keep On The Road

It happens. A change in your lifestyle ends up showing you that the vehicle you’d had for years no longer fits into your life or your budget. Save yourself some money by scraping it.


The Accident Destroyed It

This happens to be the most common reason people will scrap their vehicle. Road collisions result in costly repairs. Some vehicles end up beyond repair and that’s a good reason to scrap it.

Is It Time For You To Say Scrap My Car Manchester?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it can mean just one thing. It is time for you to contact us at Motion Salvage. In the Manchester area call us at 0161 728 5010 to arrange for one of our salvage experts to visit you and the vehicle in question.


Why Scrap That Vehicle In The First Place?

Well, parting ways with a vehicle you have had for any length of time is difficult. As much as we may not want to admit it, we all grow attachments to our car or van. It could be the first one you owned. It could have been a gift from a family member who is no longer with us.

Regardless of the reason why you have that vehicle in the first place, there will be a time when you will have to make an important decision. That decision will be whether or not you should keep that vehicle in your family any longer. If you choose to get rid of it, you have choices.

However, the easiest and most cost-effective way to turn that heap into cash is by selling it for scrap. Depending on various factors that are not always related to the condition of the vehicle, you may end up with more cash than you thought just by junking it with a scrap dealer.


How To Scrap My Car Manchester

The process is far from complicated once you have decided you wish to scrap your vehicle. All you have to do is contact us at Motion Salvage. In the Manchester and North West region call us today at 0161 728 5010 to book your appointment. Once our salvage expert views your vehicle, the process speeds up. We will give you a quote based on the findings of our inspection. If you accept our offer, we pay you cash and tow your vehicle away. It’s that easy.


Can I Scarp My Car Myself?

This is an option, for sure. However, it takes time. Plus, you need to have the right tools, which will cost money and you will have to put in some labour taking the vehicle apart. The hardest part of this is when you take the removed parts to auto wrecking firms for resale. Trust us when we say you would be far better off just contacting us to remove your vehicle for you.

We have the experience and expertise in this industry. We know what we are doing and will treat you fairly when we offer you a quote for the vehicle you are scrapping. Our salvage experts have the knowledge of what your vehicle is worth and will take care of the removal with a level of professionalism that you may not encounter from your average towing service.


We May See It As Scrap, But Your Vehicle Is Not Junk To Us

At Motion Salvage, your scrap vehicle has value. Not only to you but also to us. It is the one thing that brought us together and we therefore also value your business. We are fully licensed and carry all the registrations necessary to conduct a scrap vehicle salvage service. We have been in this industry for years and have built strong partnerships through our customer base.

For a fair trade of cash for your scrap vehicle, contact us at Motion Salvage. We are based in Manchester and service the entire North West. Call us today at 0161 728 5010 for your quote or to schedule an inspection from our salvage team.